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  1. Love your blog! I am also a WA transplant, and love hiking, backpacking, and just started trail running. I love the infinite opportunities the PNW offers for adventurers such as you and I. I will definitely use your blog as a resource to finding new areas to explore. Thanks for following my page as well, and I hope you find it useful as well.


  2. Thanks for following šŸ™‚ Funny story with how you came up with your blog name…we have moved our tent like that once too hehe but all we got was smiles from other campers šŸ™‚ We personally hate taking the tent down and packing. We are from Midwest too, from Ann Arbor, MI to be exact. We moved to WA about 1.5 years ago and love it here. We decided to move here for good after our Pacific Northwest road trip few years back. Many things changed since that trip, but our passion for outdoors and mountains still remains strong. Just like you we wanted to be closer to the mountains. Great Lakes are fun, but Michigan is missing the mountains with options to run, hike, snowboard. I noticed your last name, do you have any Polish roots? We are originally from Poland. We are runners too, mostly road, but trail running is really what we want to pursue in the future. Hope to see you on the trail one day, backpacking or running šŸ™‚


  3. Love your blog! Randomly stumbled upon it while reading a review you left on WTA’s website in regards to The Enchantments.
    I am also Polish and named EVE! ha. I was so excited when I noticed that similarity!!!!


  4. Serendipitously came across your blog today – so glad I did. I just moved from Colorado a month ago (originally from Minnesota). Have really been missing the Rockies, but after a few weekend excursions out here (and after seeing all of your adventures), I know I’ll be just fine.


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