4 thoughts on “Moab Trail Marathon (and Arches National Park)

  1. In that first photo, where you’re standing by the rock at the top of the Mile 16 peak, there are weird little ponds way in the background. I checked them out on Google Earth. They’re potash evaporation ponds. From the sky, they’re an eerie, artificial blue. What is potash, you ask? Potash is mined salt with a lot of water-soluble potassium, used primarily for fertilizer. Hmm, potassium and salt … so those ponds would be a great place to take a good long drink before you run 26 miles in the desert! Unbeatable cramp prevention (assuming you don’t poison yourself)! The Wiki page for potash has a photo of these very same Moab ponds.

    OK, I hear the school bell ringing. Industrial science class is over, have a good day, everyone read Chapter 4 for tomorrow ……


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