8 thoughts on “Snowfield Peak in a Day

  1. Love the report Eve. Sorry for leading us off into the nether lands of bushwhack-ville. That was a long finish to an awesome day. Can I get you a new hat from Talkeetna? Wouldn’t quite be the same, but at least it would give you more of a threehead.

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    • Haha, the netherlands of cascadian bushwacking only added to the experience, it was such an incredible day. Replacement hat has already arrived and my fivehead is hidden once again! Good luck on Denali, can’t wait to hear about it!


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  3. Hahaha wild – now I don’t feel so bad about injuring my leg on that benighted talus field below Pyramid Peak when I made my first attempt at it back in July

    And you did this in early May? Huh. I may have to make my 3rd attempt on Snowfield around May. This past September, the glacier was just a big fat minefield of huge moulins and crevasses big enough to swallow a bus. Not even any decent ingress points at the fringes

    Glad ya made yer summit! Gonna a have to take another stab at this in a few months!


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