8 thoughts on “Luna Peak

    • Definitely get after it!! It’s really not that bad, I think it’s fair to say I hyped it up a bit. Now that I know the area I know it’s fairly doable in one push. And running would make the Big Beaver trail less tedious. It’s like the hoh river trail with more mosquitoes and fewer views.

      Plus… gotta get up there a few times before running the pickets traverse 🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing this story – it was fun to read and brought back wonderful memories. 31 years ago my wife and I went in to Luna Lake via Access Cr and climbed Luna and the N ridge of Fury. In 45 years of climbing in the Cascades I have to say that the N Ridge of Fury is one of my favorite climbs – you have a lot to look forward to when you do get back to Fury! Also, really nice pictures.


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