5 thoughts on “Primus & Austera Ski

  1. This is one of my favorites yet, Eve. Literary sticks! The two Johns intersection was a sad moment shared from spectacular surroundings. The ambivalence you felt looking at Klawatti I also felt . . . and still haven’t reached that summit.


  2. Awesome pics. I like both sunrises and both pics of Mike skinning and you skiing Austera and Brad skiing Primus and Glacier/Eggplant. Just great all around. Sad moment at the summit. Glad you got to use InReach for a prudent safety check.


  3. Awesome! I really enjoy your storytelling with all the little random things that make these kinds of trips great. So much more interesting to read! I literally LOL’d at that 2nd-to-last shot of you skiing Primus with Emily Stickenson in your hand.


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