7 thoughts on “Mt. Pugh

  1. Thanks for this great report! I take my dog Trouper, an Australian Shepherd with me wherever it’s “legal” to do so but I’m wondering if you think this trail is safe for him. What do you think?


    • Here’s the disclaimer: dogs always surprise me with how good they are at hikes. But it sounds like most dogs turn around at the pass. If he’s pretty sure footed, I think he could handle the ridge. The first few steps of the scramble might be tricky for him to come back down, so that’s where I’d be careful! It looks more dramatic in the pictures than it actually is, but after hearing about the woman who got stuck with her dogs at Headlee Pass (they were too big for her to lift them to get them down over a few rocks) I’m overly cautious. Even if you just go to the ridge, the views are still phenomenal!


      • Thanks a lot! I got tied up with some significant family matters and didn’t see your reply until just now. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner.


  2. The correct name for the “fairy moss” is moss campion. It’s not actually a moss; it’s a flowering plant, in the same plant family as the garden carnation, believe it or not. Real moss doesn’t get flowers.

    Mount Pugh is one of my favorite trails though due to the difficulty and the distance getting to the trailhead I’ve only done it twice. The first time was magical as beyond the pass the trail always looked like it was about to end yet kept finding a way to go on despite the steep terrain.


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